Police Department History

The Lincoln Park Police Department was formed by Municipal Ordinance on July 10, 1922. The first Chief of Police was Elmer Watt. Chief Watt was a stern no nonsense Chief who served Lincoln Park until 1955, when his successor Chief Robert Van Zant became Chief of Police.

The Police Department has evolved from the small sleepy farm town department which existed as such until the mid 1960s. With the rapid expansion of the borough in the 1960s also came the expansion of the Police Department. Under Chief Scherer the department expanded and many well remembered police officers joined the force.
Picture of Police Officers from the 1960s

Officers from the 1960's & 1970's

Robert Van Zant and George Scherer served as Chiefs of Police during these decades. Officer that were hired included:

  • Officer Michael Nowacki (Retired Chief)
  • Officer John Herlihy (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer C.W. Meyer (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer Robert Brakin (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer William Hackett (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer William Karback (Retired Chief)
  • Officer Ronald Wild (Retired Captain)
  • Officer John Gibbons (Retired Chief)
  • Officer John Sass (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer James Ison (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer Kenneth West (Retired Chief)
  • Officer Thomas Monson (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer George Nadzam (Retired Patrolman First Class)
  • Officer Joel Gross
  • Officer James Wild
  • Officer James Davis
  • Officer Joseph Carey
  • Chief John G. Cifelli (Retired Chief)

Officers from the 1980's

In 1981, Chief Michael Nowacki took over as head of the department and was followed by Chief William Karback in 1988.

Officers who joined the department in the 80's:

  • Officer Tom Mazzanna (Retired Patrolman)
  • Officer Fred McGregor (Retired Patrolman)
  • Officer Mark Nowaki (Retired Captain)
  • Officer John Rondanini (Retired Patrolman)
  • Officer Sean Canning (Retired Chief)
  • Officer Thomas Andrasick (Retired Chief)
  • Officer Patrick Marshello (Retired Patrolman)
  • Officer Warren Sundberg (Retired Chief)
  • Officer William Karback (Retired Sergeant)

Officers from the 1990's

In 1992, John Gibbons became Chief of Police and served until Kenneth West Became Chief in 1995. Officers who joined the department in the 90's:
  • Officer Stephen Zoeller (Retired Lieutenant)
  • Officer Mark Bosland (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer Mark West (Retired Chief)
  • Officer Gary Massaro (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer Peter Folan (Retired Patrolman)
  • Officer David Frisk (Transferred)
  • Officer Fred Mabey (Retired Lieutenant)
  • Officer Michael Runfeldt (Retired Chief)
  • Officer Michael Hackett (Retired Lieutenant)
  • Officer John Karback (Retired Captain)
  • Officer Anthony Simone (Retired Chief)
  • Officer Ronald Wenzel (Retired Patrolman)
  • Officer James Herbek (Retired Sergeant)
  • Officer Greg Bosland (Retired Lieutenant)
  • Officer Russell Ruggiero (Retired Patrolman)

Officers from 2000-Present

John Cifelli became Chief of Police in 2002. He was succeeded in 2005 by Sean Canning. Chief Canning was replaced in 2010 by Thomas Andrascik. Chief Andrascik was then replaced by Warren Eric Sundberg in 2011. Mark West became Chief of Police in 2012 and held the position until Chief Michael Runfeldt took over operations of the Department January, 2017 which was succeeded by Chief Anthony Simone in March 2018. Chief Simone was succeeded by Chief Joseph Zammit in February, 2022. 

Officers hired since 2000 include:

  • Officer John Clements (2000)
  • Officer Joseph Zammit (2000)
  • Officer Kieran Ward (2001)
  • Officer John Cifelli (2001)
  • Officer Glenn Grune (2003)
  • Officer Heather Bailey (2005) retired Sergeant
  • Officer Michael Bono (2007)
  • Officer Alan Bull (2012)
  • Officer Kevin Fitzpatrick (2012)
  • Officer Paul Segro (2014)
  • Officer Dawn Queli (2014)
  • Officer Travis Hebek (2014) - transferred
  • Officer Michael Viviani (2014)
  • Officer Christopher Mulhearn (2015) -resigned
  • Officer Jennifer Hesse (2015)
  • Officer Scott Gamsby (2016)
  • Officer Robert Shirey (2017)
  • Officer Peter Deley III (2018) - resigned
  • Officer Jesus Nolasco (2018) - transferred
  • Officer Sean Soto (2019)
  • Officer Steven Runfeldt (2019)
  • Officer Thomas LaChance (2019)
  • Officer Matthew Galietti (2019)
  • Officer Gregory Marino (2019)
  • Officer Justin Huanca (2022)
  • Officer Steven Cepero (2022)
  • Officer Ricky Navarro (2022)
  • Officer Anthony Famularo (2023)
  • Officer Alphonse Huss (2023)
  • Officer Cole Harriet (2023)
  • Officer Justin Fuss (2023)