Participant Info

You are invited to join us for Lincoln Park Day on September 23, 2023. Our celebration of community unity seems to get better every year, thanks to the creativity of our participants. We appreciate the time, effort and imagination that goes into all the exhibits, games and activities that make Community Resources at Boro Field the heart of Lincoln Park Day.

All non-profit organizations and local businesses are welcome to free spaces for public relations and promotional exhibits. Participants are encouraged to have an activity or game at their space. Fundraising is permitted, but must be approved by the Lincoln Park Day Association before the event. Retail sales are not permitted in this area of the festival.

Please reserve your free space(s) for Lincoln Park Day by choosing any of the following options;

Fill out and mail the Response Form to-


PO Box 644

Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Or fill out the form, scan it and send it as an attachment to .

We have been having problems with our website and our old email address, and we will continue to try to get it up and running. You can contact us on Facebook.


Marianne, Community Resource Coordinator