If I'm involved in a traffic accident, what should I do?
As our township grows, so does traffic congestion and the likelihood of traffic accidents. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are certain steps you should follow for your safety as well as to assist you through the entire process:
  • Regardless of the severity of the damage, always call the Police Department to respond and make a report.
  • Never leave the scene of an accident without first reporting the accident to a police officer.
  • If your vehicle is still in the roadway, there are no injuries reported as a result of the collision and your vehicle is safe to do so, carefully move your vehicle to a safe location (i.e. shoulder of roadway or parking lot).
  • If you are unable to move your vehicle safely to another location, remain in your vehicle until assistance arrives. Unless your vehicle is in a hazardous location, then dismount your vehicle and go to a safe location.
  • Attempt to refrain from arguing with any other persons involved in the collision.
  • Retrieve your driver's license, registration and insurance card. Be prepared to produce these documents to the officer who responds to investigate your collision.
  • When an officer asks you questions pertaining to the collision, attempt to give a clear and concise account of the accident. Do not feel that any piece of information is too minor to report.
  • Ask the officer for your case number so you can give that case number to the Police Records Bureau when retrieving your accident report.
  • You may obtain a copy of your accident report after 5 working days at the Lincoln Park Police Department.

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