Zoning/Planning Ordinances

By definition, a resolution is any act or regulation of the Governing Body that is required to be reduced to writing but may be finally passed at the meeting at which it is introduced as opposed to an ordinance which requires two readings. The legal effect of a resolution is the same as an ordinance.

Every resolution must appear in full in the minutes, either by verbatim inclusion or by attachment. Both resolutions and minutes are permanent records, and if the resolutions are not included in the minutes, the signed, sealed original copies must also be retained as separate permanent records

Fees & Charges Resolutions
All Resolutions are published in full in the meeting minutes.

Development Regulations: DRO & Zoning Ordinances
The Development Regulations are comprised of 2 chapters which can be accessed through the links below. Copies of the DRO are also available through the Clerk's Office for a fee of $100.

Chapter 17: Planning  (Amended August 2010)
The purpose of this Chapter 17 is to establish patterns and to regulate the use of land and buildings based on the Master Plan.

Chapter 28: Zoning Ordinance (Amended April 5, 2009)
The purpose of this Chapter 28 is to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the borough.

Development Application Review Fee & Escrow Fee Computation Tables
Zoning Maps are available in the Borough Clerk's Office for $20. Copies of the Development Regulations, Chapters 17 and 28, are available in the Borough Clerk's Office for $100.

Stormwater Control Ordinance
View the complete Stormwater Control Ordinance (attached in 2 sections, please open both for a total of 64 pages) Section I and Section II.

The conversation by people of pervious soils to non-pervious man-made surfaces produces increased runoff volumes and flows. This generally leads to serious physical problems; which are difficult and expensive to resolve. The impacts of these physical problems are manifested in soil erosion, sedimentation, flooding, washouts, backups or water conveyance systems, infiltration and inflow of storm water into sanitary sewers, loss of human life and damage to real personal property. The Borough of Lincoln Park lies within the Passaic River Basin, the state's most hazardous flood area, and the rivers and streams within the Borough are subject to frequent recurrent flooding which endangers life and damages public and private property. Encroachments in the flood plain increase the potential for flooding, and all development within the flood plain contributes to this condition by decreasing flood storage volume. To allow a continuation of development in the Borough without Stormwater Management that establishes regulations, outlines area wide policy, and defines criteria and guidelines for development of stormwater programs and facilities, could lead to even greater flood losses in the future.

This Stormwater Management Plan documents the objectives, standards and procedures to be utilized by the Borough of Lincoln Park in regulating land development, drainage planning and upgrading the existing stormwater system for the successful management of stormwater.

Ordinance 10-14, & 11-14