Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau is the most visible and important function of the Lincoln Park Police Department. Patrol Bureau personnel are considered the backbone of the police department and are responsible for the initial handling of all calls for service within the 6.94 square miles of the Borough of Lincoln Park.

The Patrol Bureau is comprised of 4 patrol squads and is currently staffed by 16 sworn Police Officers. Each patrol squad consists of 3 Police Officers, 1 Telecommunicator, and is supervised by 1 Sergeant.

Uniformed personnel assigned to the Patrol Bureau perform most preliminary investigations and provide the community with the highest quality of professional police services.

Squad Assignments
The following are current squad assignments of the Patrol Bureau, click on any name to email the officer.

Squad A Squad B Squad C Squad D
Sgt. James Herbek

Sgt. Kevin Fitzpatrick

Sgt. Kieran Ward

Sgt. Heather Bailey

Ptl. Jennifer Hesse

 Ptl. Greg Marino

Ptl. Michael Viviani

Ptl. Alan Bull III

Ptl. Thomas LaChance

Ptl. Steven Cepero

Ptl. Christopher Mulhearn
Ptl. Paul Segro

Ptl. Justin Huanca

Ptl. Matthew Galietti

Ptl. Steven Runfeldt

   Ptl. Ricky Navarro
Dispatcher William Morere
Dispatcher Christopher LaChance Dispatcher Nancy Heykoop
Dispatcher Kristin Merker