Training Unit


The Training Unit is responsible for the coordination, administration and implementation of all training activities throughout the Police Department.

The Training Unit is also responsible for maintaining adherence to guidelines and standards that must be met by all officers at the local, state and federal levels. Our Police Department utilizes many in-house certified trainers who are specialized in a wide variety of course disciplines.
Courses attended in 2022 included:

9-1-1 Communications / Basic Dispatch

Glock Armorer

Advanced Commercial Vehicle Criminal & Terrorist Identification & Apprehension

Handgun / Shotgun Requalifications (2)

Alcotest Operator Recertification

HAZMAT Awareness

Arrest, Search & Seizure Update

Identifying Warning Signs of School Violence

AR15 Quarterly Training

Legal Updates

ASP / PR-24 Recertification

Lessons Learned from School Shootings

Basic Crime Scene Investigation

Megan’s Law Update

Building Clearance

Missing Person - Amber Alert / Silver Alert

Bloodborne Pathogens

Narcotics Update

Crash Investigation I

OC / Pepper Spray

Current Drug Trends

P90 Quarterly Training

LEAD Elementary School Curriculum

Pursuit Policy Update

LEAD Middle School Curriculum

Radar Instructor

Domestic Violence Update

Radar Operator Recertification

DWI + Blood Draw Update

Terminal Agency Coordinator Training

DWI Detection

Title 39 Update

Emergency Medical Dispatch

  Title 2C Update

Everbridge Reverse 9-1-1 Training

Use of Force Update

Front Line Supervision

Warrantless Searches

Field Training Officer Program

The Training Unit utilizes full-time police officers for our Field Training Officer (FTO) Program. These FTO's are primarily involved in the training, monitoring, and direct supervision of newly hired or graduated police officers and dispatchers. Only upon successful competition of the training period are the probationary employees placed into their solo phase.

The Training Unit is committed to furthering the training and continuing education of department personnel.