The Business Administrator is appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Council, for the term of the Mayor appointing him. At the time of his appointment, he need not be a resident of the municipality or state, but during his tenure of office he may reside outside the municipality only with the approval of Council.

The Administrator is responsible to the Mayor for the day to day operations of the entire organization.

The Business Administrator supervises the superintendents and directors of the town's departments - Police, Public Works, Health, Development, Recreation and Finance - with the exception of the borough Clerk who reports directly to the Borough Council. The Business Administrator is the director of the borough's Administration Department and serves as the both Borough's Personnel Officer and its Purchasing Agent. Finally, the preparation and implementation of Lincoln Parks budget is coordinated through the Department of Administration and the Department of Finance.

Mission Statement

Being responsive to and providing the means by which all of the borough's stakeholders can be assured of receiving appropriate and professional services on an equal basis and within fiscally responsible parameters.

Powers & Duties of the Borough Administrator

The Department of Administration consists of the Divisions of Budget, Purchasing, Personnel and Public Properties and such other divisions as the Mayor establishes and designates on the organization chart of the borough. The Administrator acts as the head of each of these departments.

The Business Administrator shall act as liaison between the Mayor and all departments, agencies, offices and boards of the borough. When authorized by the Mayor, he shall act as his representative before any board, agency or department within the borough or before any other political subdivision.

The Business Administrator under the direction and supervision of the Mayor shall:
  • Assist the Mayor in the preparation of the borough budget
  • Develop and enforce sound purchasing and personnel practices and procedures for all departments, offices and agencies of the borough
  • Supervise the management, planning and operations of all departments, provided that such supervision shall not extend to the exercise of the control functions in the management of the finances of the municipality which is required by an Officer of the municipality other than the Business Administrator
  • Prescribe rules and regulations for the efficient management of the municipal government not inconsistent with the charter and code
  • Coordinate the operations and administration of the various departments, divisions, offices and agencies of the municipal government
  • Have the power to assign and re-assign, transfer and re-transfer, either temporarily or permanently, any property or personnel from one function to another or from one administration unit to another or from one department to another as the management of the borough government may require, subject to the express requirements of the charter and all other applicable general laws and ordinances of the borough
  • See that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the borough or its inhabitants in any statute or contract are faithfully kept and performed and, upon knowledge of any violation, call the same to the attention of the Mayor and Council
  • Continually review and supervise the borough's insurance program and maintain in his file all insurance policies upon or with respect to risks insured for the benefit of the Borough or to protect it against claim. He shall also administer the hospital insurance program for employees
  • Be responsible for the efficient management of his department and have the general powers and duties of a department head as provided by charter or by ordinance and perform such other duties as the Council may prescribe
The Business Administrator shall serve without additional compensation as head of any of the divisions of the Department of Administration in the absence of appointment of division heads. The Business Administrator may also serve as department head of any department established by this chapter in the absence of appointment of department heads. Compensation for serving as another department head shall be established by ordinance.