Food / Vending Machine License

food truck

Fee Schedule 

Ice Cream Trucks:  (from 4/1 - 10/15) $75 per season

Ice Cream Truck solicitation at community lake:  $200 per season

Mobile Food Establishments: $100 per year

Please Note: All mobile food trucks must apply for a solicitors permit with the clerk's office and pass a background check with the police department before a food license can be issued. 

Restaurants:  0-24 seat capacity $75 per year , 25-74 seat capacity $150 per year, 75 or more seat capacity $225 per year,  Re-inspection fee $50

Retail Food Establishments: 

1,000 square feet and less $75 per year, 1,001 - 5,000 square feet $150 per year, 5,001 square feet and more $250 per year

Temporary Food Establishments (maximum 7 days): $20 

Vending Machines (each): $15 per year

Hand Washing 101 - Stop the Spread of Germs

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