Municipal Alliance - Alcohol & Drug Prevention

What is the Municipal Alliance?
The local Municipal Alliance is part of "GCADA" – Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.  This Council was established by the Legislature to review and coordinate New Jersey’s efforts regarding the education, prevention, treatment, research and evaluation for, and public awareness of, alcoholism and drug abuse.

The MAC - Municipal Alliance Committee/Coalition is the local Municipal Alliance Program, which is a network of volunteer driven, locally based, education and public awareness programs to plan & develop community addiction prevention strategies and programs as well as public education and awareness activities.

The Municipal Alliances are established by Municipal Ordinance and include residents, local government and law enforcement officials, schools, nonprofit organizations, the faith community, parents, youth and other allies in efforts to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse in communities throughout New Jersey.

Where does the funding come from?
The CGADA receives funding to administer the Program from the Drug Education Demand Reduction Fund (DEDR) established to collect fines from individuals when convicted of a drug offense. County and Municipal Alliance award recipients are required to match the Council grants with a cash-match of 25% of the award and 75% in-kind-services. 


Click here to get more information on these events:
  • 05-21-2022   Hope One - Stigma Free Walk A Thon - Hawthorne, NJ 
  • 05-22-2022   Hope One - Scott's Fun Run - West Milford, NJ  
  • 05-25-2022   Roads to Recovery Event - Lke Hopatcong, NJ
  • 05-25-2022   Recovery Meeting - Newark, NJ
  • 05-26-2022   Recovery Meeting - Dover, NJ 
  • 05-30-2022    Sister's Helping Sisters "Shower" for unhoused community - Paterson, NJ

Programs the Alliance has funded:

  • 8th Grade After-Party:  The LP PTO sponsors an 8th grade dance in June each year.  In an effort to include all the 8th graders for all events associated with their class, the Alliance began an event to continue the party at another location where they can just be kids.  The after-party took the pressure off for kids who may not be invited to a "private" gathering at someone's house or a pizza party at the local hang-out.  The 8th graders board at bus after the dance and are transported to the Community Center for a few more hours of music, dancing, fun and a few surprises.  
  • THE CHRIS HERREN STORY:  Former NBA player Chris Herren struggled with substance abuse for much of his basketball career. Drug-free and alcohol-free since August 1, 2008, he has refocused his life to put his sobriety and family above all else. He attends meetings daily to support his substance-free lifestyle and often speaks before groups trying to overcome addiction to share his experiences and road to sobriety. In June of 2009, Herren celebrated one year of sobriety and took the next step in his career to launch a basketball player development company, Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren, Inc. Since the summer of 2009, he has trained hundreds of basketball players including some of the top basketball prospects in New England. Off the court he continues to share his story with audiences in the hopes of reaching just one person and making a difference in his or her life. 

It is community partnership of local civic organizations and faith communities from Lincoln Park, Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Waye and Montville.  They engage in community education, advocacy and action surrounding vital issues that threaten our communities.  

They present community education programs about selected social problems and also operate local community events where volunteers of all ages and capabilities can actively address a specific social problem. 

 Community Partners for hope runs food packing events with over 1,000 volunteer hours contributed and with over 10 tons of food packaged. They are now widening their focus to include education on drug addiction. Our organization is supported by local churches, businesses, not-for-profits and individuals who believe in our vision and our demonstrated capabilities for achieving program success.

Prevention is Key logo
Prevention is Key is a community-focused non-profit organization providing science-based prevention education programs, professional development training, advocacy, information and referral services, and maintains the county’s most extensive resource center with up-to-date materials  that address issues of substance abuse, violence, ATOD dependence and emerging issues of concern to the Morris County Community.