9PM Routine

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What is the 9PM Routine?

You may have noticed on the Lincoln Park Police Department social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), posts about the #9PMRoutine. 

These social media posts act as a public service reminder to help prevent crimes of opportunity, specifically property theft related crime. 

Police departments across the country routinely post reminders for residents in their communities to do the #9PMRoutine. Lock your car doors, hide or bring in valuables and lock your residence doors. Keeping exterior home and business lights on help prevent crime too!

The posts, usually accompanied by a GIF or meme, comes in the wake of wallets, purses, guns and other valuables being taken from unlocked vehicles parked in communities across the country, in every city and town.

Each post remind residents to lock their doors and secure their belongings. The 9PM Routine is a small action that can have a big payoff -- prevention of crime. We have noticed that by posting this information, the public has participated in increased crime prevention, which has reduced property crimes. Help us prevent crime by participating in the #9PMRoutine each night.

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