Health Department


The mission of the Health Department is to prevent, promote and protect.  Prevent disease, promote healthy living and protect the public from health hazards.

Services Offered

The Lincoln Park Health Department offers the services of a licensed health officer, public health nurse, registered environmental health specialist, certified health education specialist and registrar of vital statistics.  In addition, animal control services are offered through a shared services agreement.

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The health department is open by appointment only.

Call Kathleen Skrobala at 973-270-2036 for health officer and public health matters. 

Call Maria Moeller at 973-270-2040 for vital statistics.

Email for inspection appointments and public health complaints.

On the day of your appointment call when you arrive and you will  be let in through the main entrance doors. There is a sanitizer in the vestibule in the foyer.  You are required to sanitize your hands before entering the building.  All visitors are required to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing. 

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Emergency Care During the Covid Outbreak

Atlantic Health Care Locations are still open for emergency care during the Covid outbreak. 

Emergency Care 

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

The best protection from ANY virus is keeping some distance between people, washing your hands well AND not touching your face.  Click the link below for up to date information regarding the Coronavirus from the CDC.

March is National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month® is a time to promote the benefits of eating a healthy diet and actions people can take to make healthy living easier. Helping to gain access to healthy foods and encourage small changes to daily routines can make a big difference for overall health.

Quarantine 15

Have you gained 15 pounds during the COVID-19 pandemic? You are not alone. The pandemic has changed our lifestyles often limiting our ability to follow a regular exercise routine. Read more


Morris County Prevention is Key

Prevention Key is a non-profit organization that provides education, training and other resources with issues of substance abuse, violence, ATOD dependence and emerging issues of concern to our community.
Morris County Prevention is Key


If you’re worried about yours, a family member’s or a friend’s drug use, know that help is available. Learning about the nature of drug abuse and addiction—how it develops, what it looks like, and why it can have such a powerful hold—will give you a better understanding of the problem and how to recover. Nobody is alone. ReachNJ is an addiction treatment service to provid
e information on addiction resources available in the state of New Jersey. 

For more information:

1-844-ReachNJ 24 hours/7 days a week

STD/STI Test Sites in Morris County                 

For more information click below.

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Military Veteran Peers for Families

MVP is a free and confidential helpline designed to help veterans and their families. The helpline is dedicated to being an extra resource to assist our veteran families. MVP operates as a free and confidential support network for the family of veterans and active duty personnel. The helpline helps answer any question or concern a family member may have about veteran benefits and services.

Whether they are calling about a family member that is a veteran or currently serving over- seas, MVP is here to help. The MVP helpline works in conjunction with Vets4Warriors and NJVet2Vet programs. We would like to partner with your borough in an effort to provide community outreach for your veteran constituents and their families. The service is FREE & would be at NO COST to the town. Let us help spread the word about all the programs that are available to veterans in your community. All helplines lines are located in the call center of Rutgers University. The call is free and confidential. Thank you .MVP Flyer   MVP4Families-Power Point

Many veterans can suffer from  mental health issues. Starting a conversation about this can be difficult, but is necessary. Click to learn more Talking With a Veteran in Crisis 

blood donation

Donors Needed

Severe blood shortage 
One blood donation can save three lives!
Call 201-251-3703
Save a life - or three!!

Public Evacuation/Medical Needs Checklist

Public Evacuation/Medical Needs Sheltering
What to Take