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CDC Update

Mayor David Runfeldt - April 3, 2020


It is with very mixed emotions that I give you today’s update on the cases of COVID-19 in Lincoln Park.  Since my last update earlier in the week we had 4 new positive cases on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday bringing a total as of yesterday to 34 confirmed cases.  Of those cases, more than 1/3 have “RECOVERED” and our total number of recovered cases has risen to 13 as of yesterday!

This news, however, is tempered by the fact that we have also had our first losses associated with the virus.  Over the last few days, we have had 3 individuals who were positive for the virus lose their lives.  This is probably the hardest news I have ever had to deliver to the Lincoln Park Community in my entire time as Mayor.

I have personally spoken to the people responsible for the health care of all 3 deceased individuals and I can let you know that there were multiple co-morbidity health problems with all three.  All were under care for these serious, pre-existing health problems before they tested positive for the virus.  I have also been assured that the probability of any of these individuals having contact with the general population of our community is small to none.

Due to privacy and healthcare laws, there is no additional information which I can provide you at this time.  Please do not ask for more information, as there really is no more available.  Additionally, out of respect for these deceased members of our community and their families, I implore you to refrain from social media posts that make assumptions, dispel misinformation, or spread rumors.  If any additional information becomes available, you will be updated.

I have also been made aware that several of our Lincoln Park residents have lost family members who live in other towns.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all in our community who are going thorough this difficult time and I ask that you join me in sending our love and condolences to all affected.

Please take all of this information and see the seriousness of this virus and the resultant disease.  Please now more than ever make an effort to follow the recommendations regarding hygiene and social distancing.  Please share the seriousness of this crisis with your children.  Please stay positive.  Please do what you can to get through this horrible ordeal and please know that we will get through it!

Once again, I would like to offer my prayers to those who have lost their lives and my sympathies and condolences to those in our community who have lost a friend, family member or loved one.

 Mayor David Runfeldt